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Kayleigh is pleased to announce that she has joined Jensen Hughes. She looks forward to continuing to provide industrial process safety services.

Thank you to all clients for their support.

Managing risk
so your team
can thrive.

Industry Insights That Solve Problems

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Advanced hazard analysis, inherently safer design, and forward-thinking process safety tools

We're here to help you understand risk and protect people, the environment and business.

We have 13+ years of professional experience and are a trusted partner in process safety. Let’s take on your challenges and together we’ll make change.

Obex Risk specializes in risk assessments and process safety - tools applicable across a range of sectors, from forest products manufacturing to food safety. We bring our expertise and experience to our clients and help them better understand risks in their process and how they can be more effectively managed. We pride ourselves in providing personalized service.

Obex Risk is proudly based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is passionate about serving local, Canadian companies.


Better Hazard Analyis.

Better Results.

Every Time.

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Suite 208 - 620 Nine Mile Drive

Bedford, NS B4A 0H4

Tel: 782-640-9555      |

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Obex Risk Kayleigh Rayner Brown Bedford Nova Scotia
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