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About Obex Risk

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[ ō′bĕks′ ] • Latin (n.) Barrier

Mission Statement


At Obex Risk, our mission is to use forward-thinking process safety tools to help organizations understand risk and prevent loss producing events to protect people, business, and the environment.

Core Values

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We know that safety and risk management can be challenging to navigate. We are nimble, open-minded and tactful.

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We value our collaboration and strong working relationships and thrive on building meaningful connections.

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We strive to help others learn, and ensure we are continually learning, embracing change and driving progress.

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We are passionate to do better, help others do better, approach every challenge with a “yes” attitude and create solutions to stay purposeful.

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We are reliable, operate with integrity, and work to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Kayleigh Rayner Brown, MASc, P.Eng.,

Director, Process Safety Specialist

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  • Master of Applied Science (Chemical Engineering - Process Safety), Dalhousie University, 2020

  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Cooperative Education), Dalhousie University, 2015

  • Certificate of Applied Science, Acadia University, 2012

  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) (Honours), Acadia University, 2011

​​Areas of Practice

  • Industrial Safety and Risk Management

  • Risk Assessment

  • Bow Tie Analysis

  • Inherently Safer Design

  • Combustible Dust Hazards

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Research and Development

  • Client Service

  • Project Management


Professional Experience

Obex Risk Ltd., Bedford, NS, October 2021 to Present

  • Managing Director

  • Process Safety Engineering


Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, 2017 to 2021

  • Process Safety Engineering

  • Research and Development

  • Project Management


Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Chalk River, ON, 2015 to 2017

  • Environmental Protection

  • Program Compliance

  • Project Management

  • Continuous Improvement


Irving Oil Limited, Saint John, NB, 2014

  • Environmental Protection

  • Key Performance Indicator Reporting

  • Environment, Health and Safety Project Management


Pratt and Whitney Canada, Halifax, NS, 2012 and 2013

  • Environmental Protection

  • Technical Evaluations

  • Industry Benchmarking

  • Environment, Health and Safety Project Management


Registered with Professional Engineering Associations in the following Provinces and Territories:

  • Nova Scotia

  • British Columbia



Selected Publications and Presentations

Rayner Brown, K., Whelan, C., Murray, G., Laturnus, B., Yazdanpanah, F., Cloney, C., Amyotte, P.R. (2022b). Application of process hazard analysis and inherently safer design in wood pellet production. ACS Omega. 7 (51), 47720-47733. (Peer-Reviewed Journal Article)

Rayner Brown, K., Whelan, C., Murray, G., Laturnus, B., Yazdanpanah, F., Cloney, C., Amyotte, P.R. (2022a). Advancing process safety management in wood pellet production. 2022 Wood Pellet Association of Canada Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada (September 19-21, 2022). (Industry Conference Presentation)

Amyotte, P., VanBerkel, P., Khan, F., Rayner Brown, K., Turner, L., Alauddin, M. (2022). Non-Chemical Process Industry Applications of Bowtie Analysis. 17th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 90, Prague, Czech Republic (June 5-8, 2022), pp. 7-12. (Refereed Conference Proceedings)

Rayner Brown, K., VanBerkel, P., Khan, F.I., Amyotte, P.R. (2021). Application of Bow Tie Analysis and Inherently Safer Design to the Novel Coronavirus Hazard. Process Safety and Environmental Protection. 752, 701-718.  (Peer-Reviewed Journal Article)


Turner, L., Amyotte, P.R., Rayner Brown, K. (2021). Hierarchy of Controls in Contra Costa Health Services Incident Investigations. Process Safety Progress. 40, 375-383.  (Peer-Reviewed Journal Article)


Rayner Brown, K., Amyotte, P.R., Khan, F.I., Hastie, M. (2021). Inherently Safer Design Protocol for Process Hazard Analysis. 2021 Global Dust Safety Conference. March 1-3, Virtual. (Conference Presentation)


Rayner Brown, K. (2020). Using Bow Tie Analysis to Assess Combustible Dust Hazards and Controls. WPAC Safety Foundations Webinar Series.  (Training)


Rayner Brown, K., Amyotte, P.R., Khan, F.I., Hastie, M. (2020). Inherently Safer Design Protocol for Process Hazard Analysis. Process Safety and Environmental Protection. 149, 199-211. (Peer-Reviewed Journal Article)


Rayner Brown, K., Addo, A., Khan, F.I., Amyotte, P.R. (2020). Inherently Safer Design Principles in Risk Management. In P. Amyotte (Ed.) & F. Khan (Ed.), Methods in Chemical Process Safety. Cambridge, MA: Elsevier/Academic Press, (Volume 4). (Published Book Chapter)

"We can do better."

My vision for Obex Risk and process safety begins with this simple statement. In our connected world, we unfortunately hear too often about loss-producing incidents that effect our families, our communities, and businesses. Each time this happens, the questions are always asked: What went wrong? How can we prevent this from happening? I’m driven to help answer these questions and help organizations operate at the highest levels of safety. And I know I share these goals with you.


Change does not happen in a silo. Let’s work together and try something different.

About me

I’ve worked in a broad range of industries, including aerospace manufacturing, petroleum refining, and nuclear.  Early in my career, I gained experience in environmental protection, with risk management always at the forefront. I then pursued process safety research and I have been contributing to this ever-evolving field since.


My expertise lies within bow tie analysis and inherently safer design, but I know that safety is as much about people as it is science. One of the most fulfilling and rewarding parts of my career is helping people understand risk and contributing towards making their operations safer.


I live in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia with my husband, Addison, and two cats, Hector and Gertrude. I enjoy a strong cup of coffee and watching Formula 1 races.

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