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May 2022 WPAC Safety Committee Safety Share: Inherently Safer Design in Wood Pellet Production



Webinars and Training

WPAC Webinar (July 2022): Analysis of Deflagration Isolation in Wood Pellet Production for Safer Operation.

WPAC Safety Foundation Webinar Series (November 2020): Using Bow Tie Analysis to Assess Combustible Dust Hazards and Controls.



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News and Features


Wood Pellet Association of Canada (September 2022). The Power of Pellets: Innovating Our Way to a Safer, Better Product.

Dust Safety Science Podcast (July 2022): DSS184: Application of Bow Tie Analysis & Inherently Safer Design in Canadian Wood Pellet Mills with Kayleigh Rayner Brown.

Canadian Biomass (July 2022): Focus on deflagration isolation can lead to safer operations: webinar.

BC Forest Safety Council (July 2022): Webinar Recording: Analysis of Deflagration Isolation in Wood Pellet Production for Safer Operation.

Canadian Biomass (January 2022): New report on deflagration isolation released.

Canadian Biomass (November 2021): Critical control management initiative on track for wood pellet sector.

Canadian Biomass (August 2021): Industry embracing critical control management: workshops completed at 10 sites. kshops-completed-at-10-sites/


Canadian Biomass (July 2021) New grant supports process safety management research earch/  


Canadian Biomass (April 2021): What you don’t have, can’t leak: Q&A with Kayleigh Rayner Brown on process safety. er-brown-on-process-safety/